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The "Error 404" Lecture by Eric Stevens

In this lecture, Eric presents a wide variety of BRAND NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-PUBLISHED effects along with a couple of signature routines. The lecture includes the following:

IMPERFECT: A torn-and-restored card that uses a single signed playing card - period.

CLIPS AHOY!: Two ungimmicked paperclips are shown and visually link as they drop into the participant's hands.

DIFFUSION: A folded bill has a pencil shoved through it - you can actually SEE it going through - yet once the pencil has been removed the bill is seen to have restored itself.

ECONOMY: A highly visual bill change that happens in a flash. Not only that, but with just a quick flip of the bill it magically transforms BACK into the original bill. Many have said this effect is worth the price of the lecture alone.

LUCID PEEK: A unique method for obtaining the identity of a selection that has been cleanly placed into the center of the pack, which itself has been placed in the box (ungimmicked). This one is meant to inspire creative thought.

THE GATEWAY CARD: A playing card is selected and place in between two "portal" cards. A pencil is pushed straight through and pulled out the other side, yet impossibly, no hole is seen to be in the card. The method behind this one will make you smile.

HOMAGE RISING CARD: This effect was inspired by the late great Daryl. The mystical flow of properly-directed energy appears to cause the flap of the box to open, and then a selection to rise from within the center of the deck.

CASH ADVANCE: Soon to be published in Ryan Matney's "End Times Volume 3", this version of the classic "Bank Night" routine takes it to the next level, introducing fate, free will, and the power of allowing the participant to win.

HAPPENSTANCE: A signature routine with one of the most underappreciated props in magic. Not only has it fooled some of the top minds in our community, but it has slayed audiences around the world, and now you get a chance to learn it.

The "Error 404" Lecture by Eric Stevens

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Eric Stevens